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One apt candidate selected equivalent to one great investment made! Recruitment is an important step for any firm. To help you through this, we the Best Placement Consultants Banashankari Bangalore | Magvindigipro offer your our excellent recruitment services. The following are the steps we religiously follow during any recruitment process:

  • Job Description – The knowledge of what the firm wants in an ideal candidate is the stepping stone to finding a perfect one. That is why this first step is important. A Job description includes a meeting with the client to understand the company’s background, requirements, culture, field of business, growth aspect and future plans.
  • Head Hunting – We devise a detailed recruitment strategy and then start our search. Starting with making a industry analysis to ending on the organization maps from where desired candidate can be headhunted.
  • Interviews – In this stage of recruitment, we have a list of potential candidates. We personally interview these candidates. We use competency based interview techniques. This is specific to each position we are handling. We carefully asses each candidate and check them on aspects like cultural fit, work-exposure, skills specific to the job and personality.
  • Shortlisted Candidates – Once we are through with the initial round of interview with the prospects, we shortlist the candidates. We compile an elaborate report on each candidate’s SWOT – Strength, Weakness, Opportunities and Threat analysis.
  • Client Interview – At this stage the client and prospects have a formal/informal interview. We communicate the results of the interview to the candidate.
  • Offer – We communicate the job offer to the selected candidate and also take care of the negotiations(if any) between the candidate and the client.
  • References – We take references from the candidate and submit a Reference Check Report to the client.
  • Candidate Counseling – We provide all the assistance the candidate needs to smoothly switch between the two jobs. This includes assistance in resignation, relocation and support to the candidate. This ensures a unbelievably high ratio of offer acceptance.

Executive Search

Our primary expertise lies in executive search. We identify, asses and recruit the executives into senior leadership roles anywhere from the world to anywhere in the world. Our clients can be rest assured that they will be given the best service and will get the best executive to join their firm.

We work with a varied group of clients including multinational companies, private limited firms, non-profit organizations to bring the best talent on board. Best Placement Consultants Banashankari Bangalore | Magvindigipro also provide our services to retain the senior-level executives, presidents and subsidiary and divisional executives across all departments like finance, marketing, technology and legal.

We offer customized services to address the top leadership hiring needs of the organizations. Above all we believe in giving our clients the best of everything combined with an unwavering commitment.
Our Approach is as follows:

  • Build a strategy for searching the candidate.
  • Identify the potential candidates.
  • Complete the search & follow up


Best Placement Consultants Banashankari Bangalore | Magvindigipro