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Digital Marketing Agency in Bangalore | Magvin DigiPro Says, Digital Marketing is a process of utilizing the available digital channels to reach the target audience and communicate the message to facilitate an action such as a sales of a product or service or a sign-up.

The evolution of digital technology is connecting people, facilitating better communication and it has been creating new opportunities for the brands to reach their target audience in a better way. New tools and processes are making the marketing function easy (and at the same time complex). Easy in terms of reach and complex in terms of the amount of information to understand and put efforts in a systematic way to achieve the objectives.

The adaptation of the digital tools and processes by the brands has been increasing and it will further increase. This has created a huge need for the people who can understand the digital eco-system and help brands leverage the advantages and produce desired results. As the evolution is still under process, finding the people who can perform various activities of the digital world is increasingly difficult.

Unfortunately, there are not many entities which are producing the qualified digital professionals which are required by all these brands (small, medium and big). A study in the United States of America, which has been conducted by Online Marketing Institute in collaboration with Clickz and Kelly Services shows that there is a substantial digital talent gap between what employer’s value and what talent is available to them. There is a need for talent at each level (entry, mid-tier, and executive), with knowledge and skill gaps observed in the most crucial areas.

The report also finds that skill assessment plans lack consistent implementation, characterized by frequent dissatisfaction. There is currently a need for solid, measurable, and accurate digital talent education. As a result of these gaps agencies and brands are often perceived as behind their competitors, leading to a loss of new business and revenue.

Organizations that provide their employee’s ways to acquire digital marketing skills tend most often to rely on techniques that are informal and subjective to an employee’s own initiatives. For example, 45% send their employees to industry conferences and events, 43% recommends articles/written online content, and 40% use computer-based orientation. The responsibility for digital marketing skill acquisition is managed by different departments with their own agendas; therefore, the overall talent gap in the marketplace is widened by differing levels of managerial expectations.

Convergence of Creative, Technical and Marketing Skills

One of the key challenges in today’s world is finding people who can understand the Big Picture and accordingly program and deliver. With the current speed of development in the world, timing has become the most crucial element. Candidates are expected to have multiple skill sets to perform the tasks effectively and to reduce the dependency. Brands have very limited time to execute a campaign, where they cannot afford to wait for an idea to get executed in a traditional life cycle. Marketers without creative and technical skills will be taking the back seat while the people who have these skills will be actively involved to meet the requirements.

Classroom Teaching is not enough

We Digital Marketing Agency in Bangalore | Magvin DigiPro believe, traditional methods of teaching theory for a long time and making the student go through a practical exercise for a short time will not be able to make them ready for the current industry now. Moreover, the need for the structured self-learning is at a high level. That means, the concepts learned, have to be experimented immediately to put them in practice.

Employers will not have time to spend on training

In the current competitive world, the employers will have less time to hire and nurture a candidate; rather they will opt for resources that are ready to perform the task from day one. We  Digital Marketing Agency in Bangalore | Magvin DigiPro provide best digital marketing services in Bangalore.

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